Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary - November 9, 2018

Giving Back

As part of the 15 Years/15 Hours community service project, the Upper Elementary students are weaving baskets and will fill them with hygiene products to donate to the York Street Project.

Blast Off!

Upper Elementary students get to enjoy and fulfill their curiosity for Science by trying out hands on experiments. Students are encouraged to formulate a hypothesis and see if it works. This week, students followed instructions, built a rocket and tested it out in the playground.

Upper Elementary - October 25, 2018

Does Air Have Mass?

As part of their Science curriculum, students learn through guided inquiry and hands-on work. The Upper Elementary students explored concepts of matter and energy and had fun trying to discover whether air has mass.

Critical Thinking

Upper Elementary Language discussions encourage critical thinking and help the students to become better writers, improving the mechanics of their writing and more conceptual aspects of their work.


Several Upper Elementary students conducted research about hurricanes to present to their classmates.

Common Denominators

American Jazz Association

The Upper Elementary students enjoyed a lovely concert by Greg Murphy’s jazz trio during their Music class this week.

Jazz Foundation of America - October 19, 2018

On Thursday afternoon, Upper Elementary students enjoyed a jazz concert sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America. Guest artists included our very own Greg Murphy on piano, Billy Johnson on Double Bass and his brother Mark Johnson on percussion.

This amazing trio will be performing throughout the school year for all of our students at various times.

Upper Elementary - October 12, 2018

Practical Life

Practical Life activities are as attractive to Upper Elementary students as they are to the younger children. It is important to remember that the aim of these activities is not practical, but developmental. Sewing is the current favorite!

Calculating Area

Some Upper Elementary students reinforced their understanding of the concept of area by creating a floor plan of the classroom and calculating the area.   


Science and Math Projects

As a part of their Science and Math connection, Upper Elementary students came up with mini projects to practice the concept of averages.

Upper Elementary - October 4, 2017

The Art of Observing

The Upper Elementary students worked diligently to develop observation techniques during community building activities where they had to observe a particular orange and then pick it out once it was mixed with others. Activities such as this one help to enhance focus and concentration and encourage collaboration and team building.

Coding Class

The Upper Elementary students enjoyed getting hands on experience with Scratch in this years coding class with Mr. Jay.

Upper Elementary - September 21, 2018

Excited to Get Back to Work

Upper Elementary students were eager to get into their regular work routines. Some enjoyed various Math and Language assignments, while a few others practiced steps for the Scientific Method by coming up with their own experiments.

Upper Elementary - September 14, 2018

Back to School

The Upper Elementary students are excited to be back at school. As the class settled in, returning students and those new to the class enjoyed working together and brainstorming ways to make sure they have their best school year. They also worked on their class values and Constitution.

Nature Mandalas

Upper Elementary students enjoyed creating mandalas using objects found in nature to represent unity in diversity.

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