Toddler 2

Toddler 2 - January 18, 2019

Mirror Washing

Toddler 2 students are using the new mirror-washing work, which involves a four-part sequence of steps and encourages the children to take part in caring for their classroom environment. When a child chooses this piece of work, he or she must first put on a smock. Next, they spray the mirror with water from a spray bottle and scrub it with a sponge.

Finally, they dry it carefully with a towel. The children love to see the results of their hard work in a clean, shiny mirror, and will often repeat the exercise several times over.

Practical Life Materials

A primary goal of the Practical Life materials is to help the Toddler 2 children learn the skills they need to care for themselves and their environment independently. After repeated practice with the clothespin material, which develops hand strength, dexterity and hand-eye coordination, many Toddler 2 students have begun to take their own paintings off the easel using the spring-loaded clip. Even small achievements can be cause for celebration in the Toddler classroom!


Another example of Practical Life in action is how the sweeping material has prepared the Toddler 2 students to care for their classroom environment. Many children enjoy the new sweeping activity on the Practical Life shelf, which invites them to spill out a basket full of colorful leaves and clean them up with a tiny whisk broom and dustpan. With a little bit of practice, they are then able to use the real broom and dustpan to clean up under the snack table when there is a spill. They are always so proud of their efforts to contribute to the classroom community!

Toddler 2 - January 11, 2019

Bowling Bunnies

With the cold weather keeping us inside more often, we have created many new gross-motor activities to help the children nd a constructive outlet for their physical energy in the classroom. A particular favorite for the T2 students is the "bowling bunnies," a game that challenges them to knock over a set of stuffed rabbits by throwing bean bags at them. It has been a delight to observe them hone their aim, speed and dexterity through such a joyful game!

Bundle Up for the Cold

A new collage activity has caught the Toddler 2 students' interest in the Art area this week. They have enjoyed "dressing" a picture of a child by glueing warm winter clothes onto their body. In addition to the creative opportunities and ne-motor skills this material provides, it also stimulates language development by reinforcing vocabulary related to winter clothing and inviting the children to discuss their own experiences with bundling up for the cold.

Toddler 2 - December 21, 2018

Toddler 2 Christmas

The Toddler 2 class was delighted to welcome a class parent for a Christmas presentation this week. The children had a wonderful time hanging ornaments on a beautiful felt tree, singing holiday carols and decorating gingerbread kids. Many thanks to the student and her mom for sharing such a joyful morning with us! Later in the week, they enjoyed the treat of a visit from "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" and her friends from Primary 1. 

Spin-art Ornaments

The Toddler 2 students had a wonderful time making spin-art ornaments this week. They enjoyed watching drops of paint transform into beautiful designs in the salad spinner, painting with metallic paint, and glueing their very own pictures onto their lovely ornaments. We wish everyone a wonderful winter break with lots of quality time with family and friends!

Toddler 2 - December 14, 2018

Happy Hanukkah

Ms. Audrey of the Toddler 1 class kindly visited the Toddler 2 classroom this week to share a presentation about Hanukkah. She shared the story of the very first Hanukkah, and the children enjoyed learning about the menorah, the dreidel and other special traditions. Later, the students had a chance to explore some of the objects on their own. They particularly loved setting up their own wooden menorah and repeated this activity often throughout the week.

Winter Performance Preparations

The Toddler 2 students busily prepared for their Winter music performance this week. They painted and decorated their own star crowns for the show, and practiced singing and bowing for weeks beforehand. When the big day arrived, they were so excited that they wore their crowns for most of the morning! They bravely stood in front of the audience and performed some of their favorite songs in English and Spanish.

T2 stars 7.jpeg

Toddler 2 - December 7, 2018

The Bring Me Game

Recently, the Bring Me game has become a popular favorite among the Toddler 2 students. This Sensorial activity requires the child to choose a single Color Tablet and hunt around the classroom to collect objects that match its color. Some children are happy to find a single object before choosing a new color, while others are determined to collect every matching object in the classroom! The children use their keen perceptual abilities to seek out the objects in their environment, strengthen their focus and persistence by giving the activity their sustained attention, and sharpen their memories by putting everything back in the correct place when they finish.

T2 bring me 2.jpg

Three Little Ducks

A new language activity builds on the Toddler 2 students' love of a favorite circle-time song, Three Little Ducks. The children are delighted to reenact the adventures of the mischievous ducklings who sneak away from their mother "over the hills and far away." This material also reinforces the concept of quantity as the students carefully count how many ducks are left after each verse. Everyone's favorite part, of course, is the happy ending where the ducklings are reunited with their mother!

Toddler 2 - November 30, 2018

Square Collages

A new activity in the Art area this week is making square collages. The students glue small foam squares onto a larger construction-paper square to build their collages. In addition to providing a new avenue for artistic exploration, this activity also reinforces the ability to identify a basic geometric shape. While one child may carefully place a single square on their collage and feel satisfied that their work is complete, another might cover the entire paper with overlapping squares. The students' personal creative choices are always respected and appreciated in the classroom. 

Kindness Jar Project

The Toddlers have been excited to participate in our new Kindness Jar project, part of the school's "15 Years, 15 Hours" community service program. After reading Mary Murphy's sweet and simple book "How Kind!" and discussing the idea of kindness at circle time, the students began to notice kind acts taking place around them throughout the day. Whenever a child notices an act of kindness (such as a classmate assisting a friend with their shoes, or helping to clean up a spill), they may choose to write a kindness note. With a little help from a teacher, they write down the kind behavior they observed and drop the note in the Kindness Jar. During circle at the end of the morning, we share the kindness notes together, giving the children the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the many ways in which we care for each other in the classroom community. 

Toddler 2 - November 21, 2018

Learning Vegetables

In preparation for making the Thanksgiving soup, the Toddler 2 children learned the names of the vegetable ingredients: carrots, corn, potatoes, celery, and beans. The class discussed how they were going to make soup from all the vegetables, and even sang a special song about chopping different vegetables and putting them in the soup pot. Since the vocabulary was relevant to their current activity, and therefore meaningful to the children, they learned the new words very quickly.


The Toddler 2 students were excited to prepare their own vegetable soup for our classroom's Thanksgiving feast. Each child brought one soup ingredient from home, and the students were all eager to share their contributions with the class. They carefully washed each vegetable in the water table and followed a sequence of steps that included putting on a smock, cleaning the vegetable with a scrub brush, drying it with a towel, and placing it in a large bowl.


After the vegetables were thoroughly cleaned, it was time to chop! This piece of work required considerable coordination and manual dexterity, as well as the persistence and patience to complete the task. After chopping, the students put the vegetables in the soup pot and waited excitedly for the feast the following day.

Enjoying The Feast

After all their hard work in preparing the soup, the Toddler 2 class sat down together for a Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday morning. The children participated in bringing the tables together and carefully setting a place for each friend. Since the children were involved in every stage of the process, from bringing the ingredients to school to stirring the pot, they felt a sense of connection with the food and were quite willing to give it a try. Sharing a special meal together helped to build their sense of community within the classroom, and allowed everyone to enjoy each others’ company for a lovely holiday meal.

Lower School - November 21, 2018

We Wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday!


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Toddler 2 - November 16, 2018

Articulating Feelings

As the T2 children continue to grow and mature, they have begun to explore feelings and emotions in a more articulate way. Recognizing and naming emotions is an important first step toward helping young children manage their feelings. During an emotional episode, simply identifying a child's feeling as "angry," "sad,"or "frustrated" can often help them to calm down and begin to control the emotion. A new piece of work helps the students to practice identifying common emotions. A series of picture cards displaying happy, sad, angry, silly, and other faces is set out with a small mirror. When a child chooses the work, they identify the feeling on the card and practice making the same face in the mirror. This activity often leads to discussions about what makes us feel certain things, and how we can behave when we encounter difficult feelings. 


Another popular new material is our apple-cutting work, a Practical Life activity that offers the children the chance to prepare and eat their own fresh snack.  This activity required the students to follow a complex sequence of steps, from putting on an apron and cleaning their hands to placing the used dishes in the basin when they have finished.  They work with care and persistence to chop the apple into bite-sized pieces, and always enjoy gobbling up the sweet rewards of their hard work!

Toddler 2 - November 9, 2018


Several classroom parents collaborated to share a wonderful Diwali presentation with the Toddler 2 students this week. The students were eager to welcome their visitors and hear about some traditions associated with the Festival of Lights. After the presentation, the children enjoyed painting and decorating their own diyas, beautiful clay lamps used for displaying candles during Diwali. Thanks to the parents for their lovely presentation and hard work!

Pumpkin Painting

After their week of tireless pumpkin-scrubbing efforts, the Toddler 2 students were delighted to paint their clean pumpkin with a cheerful rainbow of colors. As this was a true collaborative project, the children had to negotiate how to share the paint, the brushes and the available space on the pumpkin "canvas." The pumpkin artists were exceptionally proud of their hard work!

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