Primary 3

Primary 3 - September 21, 2018

Me Museum

Mr. Richie’s shared his Me Museum exhibit with the Primary 3 students. As part of his display he showed a few photos of his hobby along with a photo that a past student created to describe him.


First Music of the Year

The Primary 3 first year students enjoyed their first singing class of the year with Ms. Cristina.


Push-Pin Work

The Primary 3 students enjoy push-pin work, which requires concentration and coordination to complete. This activity enhances the development of a child’s pencil grip.

We Built a Farm

On Mondays in Primary 3, Spanish teacher Ms. Anelis visits the class to work with the interested students. This week the group built a farm and learned the Spanish names of some farm animals.


The Make up of the Earth

On Monday afternoons, those students who no longer nap enjoy a special lesson. This week they were excited to learn that the Earth is made up of land, air and water. They discriminated sounds of the elements in nature by listening to wind blowing, water running and people walking on the ground. They also colored, cut and sorted animals according to their habitats.

Primary 3 - June 1, 2018

Art Exhibition

The Primary 3 students had the opportunity to visit the Primary AfterSchool Art exhibition, and the artists were proud to present some of the work they created.

Sensorial Materials

The Primary 3 students enjoy practicing extensions with the Sensorial materials.

Sharing Lessons

In the Primary 3 class, as in other Montessori classrooms, students who have mastered a material often offer lessons to other classmates.


Me Museum & Birthday Celebration

Primary 3 students were busy with presentations of Me Museum exhibits and a birthday celebration for a classmate.

Talking points about Primary 3 work

  • Insects
  • Life cycle of a butterfly
  • Continent: Africa

Primary 3 - May 18, 2018

Sensorial Materials

The Primary 3 students had fun with Sensorial materials that help the children to develop and refine their five senses.


Fine Motor Skills

New work in the Primary 3 Practical Life area focuses on developing fine motor skills with activities such as sorting, “unweaving” and sewing.

Me Museum

A Primary 3 student was excited to share objects he brought in for his Me Museum exhibit.


Empowering Writers Workshop

In their Empowering Writers workshop, the Primary 3 Kindergarten students focused on completing their end-of-year books.


Primary 3 - May 11, 2018

Circle Time Presentations

The Primary 3 students are always excited to present during circle time.  One student shared a special solar system project that she sewed at home with her mother. Another student brought in her rock collection and discussed where each rock came from.

Learning About Butterflies

The Primary 3 students enjoyed a special presentation about butterflies along with a caterpillar-to-butterfly kit!  The students are excited about watching each stage of the caterpillars’ lives as they complete their metamorphosis into butterflies.


A Montessori Birthday

A Primary 3 student was excited to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends.  He participated in the traditional Montessori birthday celebration in which he carried the globe around the "Sun"  several times to represent the number of years he has been on Earth.

Primary 3 - May 4, 2018

The Sistine Chapel

As part of their Art curriculum, the Primary 3 students learned about Michelangelo’s most famous work: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.  After studying his painting, the students were invited to experience the process of painting in a similar way by painting while lying underneath a table.

Talking points about Primary 3 Work

  • Class play: Bear Snores On
  • Europe
  • Birds


Primary 3 - April 27, 2018

Happy Earth Day

Primary 3 students were happy to have one of the Toddler parents come in and share a presentation about Earth Day.


Tweezer Work

As part of their study about birds, the Primary 3 students tried a new activity: Using a small tweezer to transfer eggs. This work helps to develop concentration and fine motor skills.


The Me Museum

The Primary 3 class celebrated a classmate’s birthday with the traditional walk around the Sun and pictures of the friend’s milestones, followed by a wonderful story.

A Montessori Birthday

The Primary 3 class celebrated a classmate’s birthday with the traditional walk around the Sun and pictures of the friend’s milestones, followed by a wonderful story.

Classroom Work

Primary 3 students continued to enjoy conducting various types of research and some of the projects involve doing map extensions.

Talking points about Primary 3 work

  • Birds
  • Play rehearsals for Bear Snores On
  • Solar System
  • Europe
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