Primary 2

Primary 2 - November 9, 2018

Sharing Interests

In addition to helping classmates get to know each other, sharing about projects and personal interests enhances self-confidence and public speaking skills for the Primary 2 students. This week two friends shared projects. One shared a presentation he created with his family pictures. A dinosaur-loving student brought various dinosaur models and an accompanying book to share with the class.

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies is a special time that Primary 2 Kindergarteners always look forward to. This collaboration helps them to envision joining a Lower Elementary classroom and they are motivated to take on more challenging activities in their own classroom.

Birthday Celebration

A Primary 2 student celebrated his sixth birthday in class with his family and his classmates. His friends were excited to see photos of the birthday child from birth to age six years.

Parent Visit

The Primary 2 class recently enjoyed a visit from the parents of their morning friends. It was a special time for both parents and children as the students proudly gave lessons to their parents.

Talking points about Primary 2 work:

  • Sharing interests

  • Reading Buddies

  • Birthday celebration

  • Parents' visit

Primary Class Activities - November 9, 2018

Jazz Foundation of America

On Thursday morning, Kindergarten students enjoyed a jazz concert sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America. Guest artists included Waterfront Montessori’s Music Teacher Greg Murphy on piano, Billy Johnson on double bass and his brother Mark Johnson on percussion.

Non-Napper Activities

The Non-Napping Primary students were excited to learn about North America, the continent in which we live. They learned it is the only continent in the world that has all climatic types. It has savannah and tropical rainforest in Central America, tundra in the northern parts of Canada and Alaska, and permanent ice cap in Greenland, which is considered part of the continent. There are also semi-arid and desert conditions near areas surrounded by high mountains.

The Primary 1 students learned about different animals that live on the North American continent, including the Bald Eagle. They had fun creating their own Bald Eagle puppets

Primary 2 - November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween!

The Primary 2 students enjoyed many Halloween-themed activities such as pumpkin carving and seed cleaning. After that work, they particularly enjoyed lighting their class Jack-o-lantern!

Making Spider Hats

To make their spider hats, the Primary 2 students combined Art and Practical Life activities.

Talking Points about Primary 2 Work:

  • Jack-o-Lantern

  • Spider Hat

Primary 2 - October 25, 2018

Open Friday

The first Open Friday of the school year was a great success for the Primary 2 Full and Extended Day families. Parents joined the class to work with their children and see the exciting things happening in the classroom.

Knobless Cylinder

Some first year Primary 2 students worked with the Knobless Cylinders. This material invites a child to experience differences in height and width of the cylinders. They enhance the child’s coordination, independence and problem solving skills through observation.

Me Museum

As part of his Me Museum exhibit, a Primary 2 Kindergartener had the opportunity to talk about his family, interests and activities. His classmates asked him questions and enjoyed getting to know more about their friend.

Sandpaper Letters

The Sandpaper Letters are iconic in the Montessori classroom. Working with this material offers a child some of the first steps toward literacy. The shapes of the letters are crafted of high-grit sandpaper, offering the student a point of interest as their fingers follow the gentle slopes of the cursive letters. AS they feel shape of the letters, the students learn the sounds of the letters, for example "C" for cat, color and cucumber.

Artist of the Month: Continued

Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian is the Primary 2 artist of the month. The students learned about the artist and his work and then they created their own pieces representing his style.



The Primary 2 students were busy working with patterns! The ability to recognize and create patterns helps us to make predictions based on our observations, an important skill in Math. Understanding patterns helps to prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations. Patterns also allow us to see relationships and develop generalizations.

Talking points about Primary 2 work:

  • Mondrian

  • Patterns

  • Sounds: t & m

  • Pumpkins

Primary 2 - October 19, 2018

Red Rods

A first year Primary 2 student worked with the Red Rods. This material provides a child with an understanding of size and promotes muscular and visual perception of dimension. It also helps to develop a child's fine motor skills and enhances understanding of sequence and order, qualities that are important for Math readiness.

Bird’s Eye View

In the Bird’s Eye View work, the student builds each of the decimal place value. This work reinforces the concept of the decimal system hierarchy.


Creativity in the Classroom

Some Primary 2 students displayed their creativity using different materials and demonstrated great focus while creating their art work.


The Primary 2 students learned to discriminate colors from darkest to lightest using the Color Box 3 material and then created their own gradations by mixing primary colors of paint with increasing amounts of white paint.

Talking Points about Primary 2 work:

  • Colors - darkest/ lightest

  • Fall

  • Pumpkins

  • Sound basket: a and t

  • Ground rules - Take turns and wait patiently.

Primary 2 - October 12, 2018

Sight Words

Sight words are words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize them without having to use any strategies to decode. This week some Kindergarteners enthusiastically practiced some sight words.

Living Vs. Non-Living

The Primary 2 students learned about Living and Non-Living things and shared many examples of these classifications found in their environment.

Let's Pushpin!

Some Primary 2 students were busy push-pinning the outlines of different objects. This exercise promotes and develops concentration, pencil grip and hand-eye coordination.

Water Work

The water works are very popular activities in the Primary 2 Practical Life area. They vary from simple exercises to more complex ones and offer a fantastic foundation for further work.

Talking points about Primary 2 work:

  • Living/Non Living

  • I Spy game

  • Weather

  • Days of the Week

  • Being helpful

Primary 2 - October 4, 2017

We Love Books!

The Primary 2 students enjoyed looking at books and sharing them with their friends.

Plants & Animals

The Primary 2 students talked about the classification of animals and plants and how they differ from each other.

Dressing Frames

Some Primary 2 students were busy using the dressing frames, a Practical Life material that promotes care of oneself, independence and concentration.

Scrubbing & Washing

The Primary 2 classroom promotes the care of the environment. Some students practiced table scrubbing and washing. These multi-step activities form a great foundation for further work and promote focus, a sense of order and independence. The students always have a sense of achievement after a long activity.


The children learned about the French impresssionist Monet and created lovely crafts displaying his technique.

Talking points about Primary 2 Work:

  • Plants & animals

  • Sound basket: C & A

  • Weather

  • Counting

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