Primary 1

Lower School - June 11,2019

Toddler 1

Todder 2

It has been a joy to watch the Toddler 2 students grow in independence, form wonderful friendships, and learn so much about the world around them this year.  We feel grateful to have spent the year in the company of such a lovely group of children, and we wish all of our beloved Toddler 2 families a delightful summer! 

Primary 1

The Primary 1 students made beautiful cards for Father’s Day, then a friend presented her Me Museum to the class. Everyone had so much fun playing Bingo on their last day of school!

Primary 2

Primary 1 - June 7, 2019

Lady Bugs

The Primary 1 students studied all about ladybugs. They created ladybug arts and crafts, and even more exciting: They observed the development of ladybugs in their own classroom, from larva to adult ladybug.

Me Museum

A Primary 1 friend was excited to present to her classmates some beautiful pictures of her adventures and her pet.


Montessori Birthdays

The Primary 1 students were happy to celebrate the birthdays of their friends and wish them all the best for the future!

Class Picnic

The Primary 1 students had so much fun celebrating at their End of the Year Picnic!


The Kindergarteners worked diligently and enjoyed doing one of their special embroidery projects.

Primary 1 - May 31, 2019

15 Years, 15 Hours

As part of WFM’s 15th Anniversary, the Primary 1 students enjoyed creating posters about their favorite things about the school and things they are grateful for, as well as acknowledging the qualities of their friends.

Touring the Toddlers

The Primary 1 students were happy to have visitors from the Toddler classrooms and spent some time working with them to introduce them to the Primary class.

Me Museum

This week a Primary 1 friend presented her ‘Me Museum’ exhibit. She was happy to share her favorite books and animal with her classmates.

Primary 1 - May 24, 2019


This week the students of Primary 1 were introduced to Mammals. They learned about different characteristics and how humans are part of this category.



P1 friends were studying about the owers and their different parts. We dissected a ower and we had so much fun looking its parts under the microscope, tracing and coloring. We also enjoyed an experiment about how owers drink water and how the color changes if we use water color.

Art without Paintbrushes

The Primary 1 students enjoyed put down the paintbrushes and got creative with this week’s art project. The class enjoyed all of the excitement and sense of discovery that came with using different objects to paint their abstract creations.

Open Friday

On Open Friday the Primary 1 students enjoyed showing their families all the work that they do.

Primary 1 - May 17, 2019

Mother’s Day

The Primary 1 students made beautiful cards to honor their moms on their special day.

The Giant Rutabaga

The Primary 1 class got together to enjoy all the beautiful and hard work they put into their play. After their play they held a raffle and all the students participated for a chance to take the Rutabaga home!

Me Museum

A Primary 1 friend was excited to share his favorite books, musical instrument and toys with his classmates.

Planting a Seed

Primary 1 students had the opportunity to plant their own sunflower seeds. They will take care of their seeds and transplant them once the seeds start germinating.

Primary 1 - May 10, 2019

Me Museum

A Primary 1 student was happy to present her Me Museum to her friends. She brought her favorite books, toys as well as a beautiful poster about interesting facts of her life.

A Trip to Europe

The students of Primary 1 learned about the continent of Europe. They were amazed by the architecture, cultural characteristics and facts.In their studies, they read the story Pinocchio and enjoyed it very much.

Van Gogh

Primary 1 students were excited to learn about Vincent Van Gogh and his amazing painting techniques.

Non-Napper Activities - May 10, 2019

The Power of Air

This week the Non-Napper students discovered ways to use air in order to facilitate work, fun, art, electricity and more. The students explored ways to make objects move using air pressure with items such as plastic bags, balloons, straws and juice boxes. The children were excited to see how far objects moved. They also measured the distance the objects traveled.

Primary 1 - May 3, 2019

All about Birds

In Science class, the Primary 1 class has gone to the birds! This week was spent learning facts about birds!

Open Friday

The Primary 1 students always look forward to having their parents visit their classroom. They were excited to spend time with family members and show them their works.

Appreciating Mr.Craig

As part of their 15 Years, 15 Actions project, Primary 1 friends showed their appreciation toward people who are always there to help them. They made a card for Mr. Craig and were excited to give it to him and tell him how grateful they are for all his work.

Me Museum

It is exciting to get to know a little more about each other! A Primary 1 friend presented her Me Museum exhibit. She was happy to share some of her hobbies, such soccer and dancing, as well as some family pictures.

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