Primary 1

Primary 1 - January 18, 2019

Me Museum

In this weeks Me Museum a student was excited to share a family photo and some of his LEGO creations. He spoke about his favorite animals: the lion and the octopus.

Snowstorm in a Jar

The Primary 1 students loved the hands-on winter science experiment “Snowstorm in a jar”. For this experiment, we used ingredients such water, baby oil, paint and Alka Seltzer. They were excited to observe as the white paint began to rise and swirl like a snowstorm.

A Montessori Birthday

Primary 1 students were happy to celebrate one of their classmate’s birthday in a special Montessori way.


The Primary 1 class has started to learn about vertebrate and invertebrate animals. They enjoyed sorting, drawing and exploring x-rays.

New Practical Life Activities

The student’s are always excited to explore any new activities that appear in the classroom!

Non-Napper Activities - January 18, 2019

Melting Ice

This week, Non-nappers learned how water turns into ice in cold temperatures. Students engaged in the “melting ice experiment”, where they poured salt and food coloring on a block of ice. They were excited to see how the salt made the ice melt down and how the colors filled the cracks in the ice.

Winter Art Projects

Children also enjoyed different art activities such as painting snow flakes using stencils and coloring snowmen figures.

Primary 1 - January 11, 2019

Welcome Back!

The students of Primary 1 were very excited to be back at school. After the break, they were happy to jump back into classroom materials.

Me Museum

The “Me museum” is one of the more popular activities in the Primary 1 classroom. This week a student was very excited to share her favorite artifacts and drawings with her classmates..

Winter is Here!

Students engaged in a discussion about the new season and what represents winter. They have been learning facts about snowflakes. They also enjoyed making their own snowflake out of magic model. Every one has six points and is unique based of what they have learned in class.

Non-Napper Activities - January 11, 2019

Welcome Winter!

This week in our non-napper session, the students talked about the winter season. They discussed the characteristics of the weather and the changes in nature. They also enjoyed reading the “Snowman’s story” and creating our own snowmen.


Primary 1 - December 21, 2018

Holiday Activities

The children are very excited for the upcoming holidays. This week he class had parent presentations about Christmas and Kwanza. The students made a class tree using pushpins of their hand prints. They also created many variations of holiday cards for their friends and family.


A Montessori Birthday

This week, the class celebrated a fellow student’s birthday. Her siblings joined in the celebration and her older sister read a book to the class.


Primary 1 - December 14, 2018

Morning Greeter

Continuing their 15 acts of kindness as part of their 15 Years, 15 Hours project, the Primary 1 students took turns greeting each child at the door in the morning.

Me Museum

For this week’s Me Museum exhibit, a Primary 1 student shared his favorite truck, a Rubik’s cube and his collection of stones. He also shared a book his parents made with photos from his fourth birthday.

Happy Hanukkah

A parent visited the Primary 1 class to share a presentation about Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. Following the presentation, the students created a picture of a menorah using their hand prints and gold foil to represent a flame.

Primary 1 - December 7, 2018

Happy Hanukkah

The Primary 1 class was presented Hanukkah by both Ms. Nanuli and open of their classmates. Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights which lasts for 8 days. Each day a candle on a Menora is lit. The children created Hanukkah cards and participated in games such as the Dreidel Game and Hanukkah Dominoes.

Me Museum

In this weeks Me Museum, a student shared a map which showed all of the places he has traveled in the world. He also shared his favorite Halloween mask and photos of his cousins.


Magnetic and Non-Magnetic

In Science, the children are learning about magnetic and non-magnetic. They worked with different activities to further their understanding of the concept.

Non-Napper Activities - December 7, 2018

This week, Non-napper students were happy to study about evergreen trees, especially the conifers. They watched a video about the characteristics and uniqueness of these amazing trees. They also had the opportunity to match the leaves from conifer trees with their respective pictures.

Pinecone Experiment

Why are some pinecones open while others are closed? Scales of seed-bearing pine cones move in response to changes in humidity. When in a warm and dry environment, the pinecone opens up to release the cone's seeds. When damp or cold, the scales close. The students participated in an experiment and drew their observations.


A Closer Look

Using the microscope, the students were able to take a closer look at the seeds found inside the pinecones.

Branch Art

Students used small branches of conifer trees to paint and observe the different prints.


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