Middle School

Middle School - March 15, 2019

Happy Pi Day

Middle School students enjoyed making bracelets with the digits from Pi: 3.1415926535897932...

Drawing Details

Middle School students often ask Mr. Marcus to help them refine drawing techniques. A student asked advice about more detail in his drawing of a hand.


Guidance from Alumni

A WFM alumnus came to speak with the Grade 8 students to offer guidance as they make their high school selections.


Middle School - February 28, 2019

The Oratorical Festival

One of the Middle School students represented WFM at the MLK, Jr. Oratorical Festival on February 22.

Linear Algebra

Middle School students took height measurements to correlate them with foot size as part of a Math unit about linear algebra.


Math Puzzle

Grade six students challenged themselves with a Math puzzle. To solve the problem, they needed to be persistent and use critical thinking to find the route through a maze that earned the most points.


Reading Buddies

Last week’s Middle School Reading Buddies session was a big success and was enjoyed by younger and older students alike.

Middle School - February 14, 2019

Montessori Model United Nations

The Middle School students left Wednesday for this year’s MMUN summit. All of their hard work culminates into this incredible event!


As part of the Science curriculum, the Middle School students investigated light using lenses.


6th Graders

The grade 6 students are enjoying a quiet week back in the class with Mr. Marcus and Ms. Kelly while the older students represent WFM at the United Nations.

Middle School - February 7, 2019

Bring Your Parents to School Day

At Bring Your Parents to School Day, Middle School students enjoyed teaching their families what they learn in their classrooms.


Middle School students independently worked on DBQs (Document Based Questions) and selected five documents to support their essays. Prior to submitting, they peer edited and revised each other’s work. Be sure to ask your children if you can read their essays!


Middle School students practiced presenting their MMUN position papers during Debate class.

Middle School - January 25, 2019

The Empathetic World

Language & Literature and Individuals & Society students wrapped up The Empathetic World Unit by presenting the novels that they had researched and the societal issues represented in the stories.

Middle School - January 18, 2019

Immigrant Monologues Showcase

The Middle School Language and Literature students learned about monologues by taking notes, watching videos and reading several monologues written by other students. Eventually they practiced improvisational monologues and they are working on interviews that will be part of the Immigrant Monologues showcase. Stay tuned for the upcoming date!

‘What the Eye Can See’

Middle School students worked on their ‘What the Eye Can See’ unit in Spanish. They analyzed paintings of the Hapsburgs and noted the differences.

Gaming Design

As part of their Design curriculum, the Middle School students are working on a gaming unit, developing three concepts using a mood board for inspiration. Eventually they will produce an actual game.

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