Middle School

Middle School - June 7, 2019

Community Projects

The Grade 8 students presented their Community Project to their Grade 7 peers.  One student shared how he volunteered at Wise Animal Rescue in Hoboken and another spoke about his time volunteering at Liberty Science Center.  The Community Project is a chance for Grade 8 students to identify a problem in their community and then plan and take action to help address that problem.

Middle School - May 31, 2019

Group Language Projects

For language class, students presented their group projects. Each group read a book and delivered a detailed book report. The students prepared food that was featured in their books to contribute the classroom potluck!.

What’s My Role In Society

The “What’s My Role In Society” unit ended with presentations that were informative and creative. Students studied social stratification and researched how class influences the history, culture, tradition and even food from various countries.

End of Year Celebration

Our new graduates spoke eloquently about their years at WFM and everyone enjoyed the end of year celebration.

Middle School - May 3, 2019

Frida Kahlo Museum

The Middle School was excited to take a trip to the Brooklyn Museum to see original art from the historic Frida Kahlo.

What is My Role in Society?

The Middle School students spent their noses buried in books this week as they studied their novels for the ‘What’s My Role In Society?’ unit.

Game Design

Middle School Design students tested their custom games by asking classmates to play and see if the rules were clear.

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