Lower Elementary West

Lower Elementary West - March 15, 2019

Group Research

As the Lower Elementary West class finished up their study of Africa, the students worked on their group research and projects.

Lower Elementary East - February 28, 2019

The Verb

First year Lower Elementary East students were introduced to the next Grammar symbol in the Montessori sequence: the verb!

Japanese Art

After Ms. Jenna’s visit to the Morikami Museum in Florida, she shared a presentation offering insights about Japanese art, culture and education. Then the students used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast life in a Japanese classroom vs. their Montessori classroom.


The Lower Elementary East students played “telephone” with their Kindergarten friends during Pizza Friday!

Lower Elementary West - February 28, 2019

Fabric Stamping

Continuing with their study of Africa, the Lower Elementary West students worked on stamping their pieces of felt using stamps they created with Model Magic, cardboard, glue and paint. Each symbol carried its own meaning.


Sides & Angles

Third year Lower Elementary East students used the Stick Box as they created different types of triangles based on their sides and angles.

The Wedding Basket

Second year Lower Elementary West students made their projects for the Junior Great Book story called The Wedding Basket.


Lower Elementary West - February 14, 2019

Baking Injera

As they continued to study Africa, the Lower Elementary West students cooked injera, a type of Ethiopian flat bread used in many dishes as a base for the main meals of the day. Third year students helped with the preparation and measurements as they mixed their batter together.


The Lower Elementary West students wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Nate the Great

First year Lower Elementary West students prepared for a small class play based on a story from the Nate the Great book series. As they took a break from rehearsal, they began to make props and prepare for the performance.

Lower Elementary West - February 8, 2019

Quadrilateral and Polygons drawers

Using the Quadrilateral and Polygons drawers, a first year Lower Elementary West student got creative and drew a series of lamps and lamp shades. Some students were introduced to fractions. A first year student showed a “whole” broken down into 20 pieces. The Snake Game has become popular in the Lower Elementary West classroom as students continue to work with it using an alternative follow up. The new work includes coloring and pasting paper representations of the beads.

Lower Elementary West’s word of the week: Provisions!


As part of his Botany curriculum, a second year Lower Elementary West student worked on his follow up to the Parts of a Flower lesson.

Lower Elementary West - February 1, 2019

Bead Squares

Second year Lower Elementary West students gathered around for a lesson about squaring numbers. Using the bead squares and peg boards as follow up work, the students were able to create their own squares up to 10.

Pin Map of Africa

The Lower Elementary West students continued their work about Africa using the Pin Maps. The colors of the pins represent countries, capitals, rivers and mountains.

Under a Microscope

The Lower Elementary West students were happy to welcome Mr. Henry from Upper Elementary for a special Science lesson using microscopes.

Lower Elementary West - January 25, 2019

Parts of a Triangle

Third year Lower Elementary West students received a Geometry lesson about the parts of a triangle.


Exploring Quadrilaterals

The first year Lower Elementary West students enjoyed creating and exploring quadrilaterals using the Stick Box. Follow up lessons included making a booklet of the shapes with labels and creating pictures using the different shapes covered in the lesson.

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