Lower Elementary West

Lower Elementary West - September 21, 2018

Odd & Even

The Lower Elementary West students started off the year with focus and hard work. As part of their Math curriculum, the first year students worked on lessons about Even and Odd.


Grammar Map

As part of their Language curriculum, the Lower Elementary West students worked on Grammar map works labeled with nouns, verbs and sentences.

Watercolor on the West Quilt

The Lower Elementary West students enjoyed working on watercolor projects for their West Quilt and map of the world.


Animal Research

The Lower Elementary West students conducted research about animals to present to their classmates.


Lower Elementary West - June 8, 2018

End-of-the-year Self Portraits

The Lower Elementary West students can all feel summer approaching when they do their end-of-the-year self portraits!  They observe themselves and then draw what they see and feel that they look like.  Later they compare it to their portraits from the beginning of the year and the changes are always fun to see!

Plant Life

The Lower Elementary West students built molecules as a fun way to explore how photosynthesis enables plant life to sustain itself.

Ancient Civilizations

The Lower Elementary West students focused on ancient civilizations of Europe, including Romans, Greeks and Vikings. Working as teams in their research groups, they prepared information and drawings about fundamental human needs: food, shelter, clothing, transportation and culture. As a culmination of the project, they presented their information for their classmates.

Student Art Exhibition

All year the Lower Elementary West students exercised their creativity and worked industriously on their Art projects with Ms. Stacey. They were proud to display their work in the end of year Student Art Exhibition last week.

Lower Elementary West - June 1, 2018


The Upper Elementary students collaborated and practiced concepts of scale, area, volume, simple interest and more as they completed their doll house project as the culmination of all their Math skills.  They were overjoyed to see their result and proud to auction the house at our End of Year Celebration.


Releasing the Mantids

The Lower Elementary West class mantids emerged from their egg cases this week.  The students had many of the creatures to observe, but just for a short time, since the next day they released them!

Lower Elementary West - May 25, 2018

Bye Bye Butterflies

The Lower Elementary West class released their butterflies into the wild!  Many of the students were hopeful the butterflies would land on their hands before they flew away.

Reading Buddies

The Lower Elementary West class enjoyed their last Reading Buddies visit of this school year with the Kindergarten students.  The younger and older schoolmates always enjoy reading to each other and sharing the time together.

Lower Elementary West - May 18, 2018

Mammal Studies

As part of their Zoology curriculum, the third year Lower Elementary West students studied various types of invertebrates, second year students studied the vital functions of mammals and first year students learned about parts of mammals.

Tenafly Nature Center

On their field trip to the Tenafly Nature Center, the Lower Elementary West students explored nature through presentations about pond ecology and an informative nature walk.


Lower Elementary West - May 11, 2018


The second year Lower Elementary West students learned about the Decanomial, a Montessori representation of the Square of Pythagoras.  With this multi-step material the students lay out the beads, squares and eventually cubes that represent the multiplication tables.


Finding the Coordinates

The Lower Elementary West students got acquainted with longitude and latitude lines and learned how to find certain coordinates on a grid.

The Class Caterpillars

The Lower Elementary West students have caterpillars!  The students observed the caterpillars daily and noted that some are already beginning to form chrysalises.


Lower Elementary West - May 4, 2018

Pegboard Work

First year Lower Elementary West students learned about symmetry in geometry and followed up with work on the pegboard.  They used the pegs to design their own symmetrical shapes.


As part of their Botany studies, the second year Lower Elementary West students learned about pollination while the third year students worked with plant cell materials.

Learning Prepositions

The Lower Elementary West first year students listened attentively to a book about prepositions.  After going over the etymology, they worked with the materials.


A Trip to Poland

The Lower Elementary West class gives special thanks to Ms. Ania for sharing a wonderful presentation about Poland as they end their study of the continent of Europe.


Lower Elementary West - April 27, 2018

Detective Triangle Box

As the Lower Elementary West students continued their study of triangles, the third year students used a material called the Detective Triangle Box. They read the description of a triangle on a card and then became “detectives” as they tried to find the triangle being described.

Au Revoir Europe!

The Lower Elementary West students wrapped up their research about countries of Europe as they prepared for their final presentations about the continent.

Lower Elementary West - April 20, 2018

Checkerboard Material

Montessori Math materials help students to understand the process and concepts of Math instead of simply memorizing steps to get an answer.  Some Lower Elementary West students worked on simple division and multiplication using the Checkerboard material.

Flat Stanley

For this week’s Empowering Writer’s Workshop, the first year Lower Elementary West students read a chapter of “Flat Stanley” and identified the instances when the author references the five senses.


Weekly Jobs

Job time is an example of the Practical Life curriculum in action in the Lower Elementary West class. Students are responsible for their weekly jobs, which offer them opportunities to care for their environment.

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