Lower Elementary North

Lower Elementary North - May 3, 2019

A Timeline of Human Needs

The third year Lower Elementary North students are learning the history of various human needs, such as shelter and transportation, by placing information on a timeline. They also conducted research about their own topics to add to the timeline studies.

Studying Birds Up Close!

This week, while they had the amazing chicks from Quiver Farms in their classroom, was the perfect time for Lower Elementary North students to learn about the body parts of birds and their functions. The students were able to observe the chicks up close!

Lower Elementary North - April 26, 2019

STEM Class Nest

The third year Lower Elementary North students enjoyed helping the Kindergarteners during their STEM class. They gathered items from nature and then collaborated to make nests.

Planting Seeds

The second year Lower Elementary North students were invited to help the Toddler class plant seeds. After the project, they had time to play and chat together with their new young friends.

A Visit from Farmer Tom

The Lower Elementary North students were excited to welcome Farmer Tom, his hen, rooster and even some baby chick eggs! After teaching them how to care for the eggs and what to do after they hatch, he left the class with 12 eggs to care for.

Lower Elementary North - April 18, 2019

Fraction Pictures

The second year Lower Elementary North students created fraction pictures. They will use these to start fraction addition by adding up all the pieces in the drawings.

Pin Map

Two third year students worked on the pin map of Asia. They used the globe and atlas to help them label the countries, cities and land and water forms located in Asia.

Lower Elementary North - April 5, 2019


The Lower Elementary North students were excited to practice their estimating skills and they will take turns filling estimation jars each week. They also discussed and compared the sizes of the items in each jar to make educated guesses.

Estimation Jars.jpeg

15 Years, 15 Hours Project

The Lower Elementary North continued their 15 Years, 15 Hours project by making inspirational bracelets to share with their community.

Lower Elementary North - March 15, 2019

Land and Water

The second year students in Lower Elementary North learned about different land and water forms. They even labeled and drew their own maps!

St. Patrick’s Day

The Lower Elementary North class welcomed a parent who shared a presentation about St. Patrick’s Day. After the presentation, the students wrote on a four-leaf clover about why they feel lucky!

Lower Elementary North - March 8, 2019

Teaching STEM

Some of the third year Lower Elementary North students visited the Kindergarten class to help them work on a bridge building project! They had a great time working with their younger friends to help complete the bridge challenge. The third year students will take turns so they all have an opportunity to visit the Kindergarten class.

The Solar System

The Lower Elementary North students presented their Solar System projects to each other.  The ability to speak clearly and share comfortably in front of a group is a skill that they continuously practice.  It is amazing to see their confidence grow throughout the year!

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