Lower Elementary North

Lower Elementary North - November 9, 2018

The Changing Leaves

Lower Elementary North students were excited to talk about all of the changes they see during autumn, including the leaves changing colors. They also participated in a class experiment of extracting all the colors found in a variety of leaves!

Sharing Completed Works

Lower Elementary North students enjoyed working on their presentation skills by sharing their completed work with their peers.


The Lower Elementary North students were excited to begin their study of Asia! They discussed the various countries, biomes, cultures and landmarks of the continent.


Lower Elementary North celebrated Diwali by welcoming a parent who shared a presentation about the Hindu festival of lights. The students decorated their own diyas, special lamps used to celebrate the holiday, and created a class rangoli!

Lower Elementary North - November 2, 2018

Pumpkin, the Fall Fruit

Before creating a Jack-o-Lantern, the students in Lower Elementary North reviewed the parts of the fruit and each student gave an estimation of how many total seeds they thought the class pumpkin contained. After each student gave an estimate, they scooped out a handful of seeds and counted how many they had gathered. The entire class combined their seed plates to see whose estimation came closest to the actual number of seeds in the pumpkin!

Lower Elementary North - October 25, 2018

Reading Buddies

The students in Lower Elementary North welcomed some of their Kindergarten friends and siblings from the Primary classes to kick off this year’s Reading Buddies Program!


The 3rd graders were eager to get their hands dirty learning about annelids, their different parts and their natural habitat! This continues their study of invertebrates.

Discovering the Universe

The 1st graders of Lower Elementary North discovered their place in the Universe, exploring everything between the Universe and their classroom!

15 Years, 15 Hours: Liberty State Park Beautification Project

15y15h project 1.jpg

On Friday, the Lower Elementary students took a ferry ride to Liberty State Park. The students and teachers got their hands dirty pulling weeds, clearing planters, spreading peat moss and planting bulbs to help restore and beautify the park. This field trip was part of the 15 Years, 15 Hours service program designed to commemorate our 15th anniversary.

Lower Elementary North - February 15, 2018

Nouns in the Classroom

The first year Lower Elementary North students continued to work with nouns by setting up and labeling the classroom farm!

Balancing Ghosts

The students in Lower Elementary North explored the balance scale to find different amounts of ghost erasers and ounce weights that were equal. They will continue to use this scale in various ways throughout the year.

Montessori’s Second Great Lesson: The Coming Of Life

After hearing Montessori’s Second Great Lesson: The Coming Of Life, the Lower Elementary North students were involved in a variety of work to learn more about the beginning of life on Earth. Montessori’s Great Lessons are stories meant to spark the interest of the students, and they did!

Lower Elementary North - February 15, 2018

The Six Kingdoms

The third year students in Lower Elementary North shared a presentation with the younger students in their community. They each conducted research about the Six Kingdoms, and then explained how living things are classified. They did an excellent job presenting the information and answering questions from the audience!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growth

The Lower Elementary classes have been using the planters outside on the playground. Lower El North planted cilantro seeds both inside and outdoors. They will be comparing and contrasting the progress of each plant.

Tim Capsule

The students in Lower Elementary North completed a time capsule activity to be opened at the end of the school year! Inside, they will find a questionnaire, their hand print, a photo from the first day and a string that shows their height!

Lower Elementary North - October 4, 2017

Reading Comprehension

The Lower Elementary North students enjoy working on SRA's during work time. This independent activity has reading comprehension and word study exercises.

Math Materials

The Lower Elementary North students use a variety of Montessori Math materials to solve all types of equations depending on their level.

Peach Crisp

Each Lower Elementary North student cut a peach from the class trip to the farm and then the students prepared and cooked delicious peach crisp! Along with their cooking, some students had a lesson about different fruits and their parts.

Lower Elementary North - September 28, 2018

Alstede Farms

The Lower Elementary classes went on a field trip to Alstede Farm and their day on the farm was an adventure! The students took a hay ride to the peach orchard to pick peaches and then at noon they participated in a peace wave to celebrate International Peace Day. It was a wonderful experience.

Me Bag Presentations

The third year Lower Elementary North students began sharing their Me Bags this week. This project is a great way for the students to learn about each other and also practice their presentation skills!

Lower Elementary North - September 21, 2018

At the beginning of the year the teachers in each Lower Elementary class shared Montessori’s First Great Lesson: The Beginning of the Universe and the Earth. The Lower Elementary North students had the opportunity to work with some of the experiments from the lesson about the formation of the Universe and the Earth.


International Peace Day

In preparation for International Peace Day on Friday, the students in Lower Elementary North listened to a story about peace and shared ideas about what peace means to them. Afterward they each wrote one idea on a clothespin that they colored. This was the first of many peaceful discussions.


Class Constitution

The Lower Elementary North students spent the first week of school discussing what type of rules are important to their community. As a group, they talked about respect and what that means in relation to their different ideas and rules. Once they consolidated the ideas, each student signed their Class Constitution with a feather quill and ink.

Lower Elementary North - September 14, 2018

Back to School

The Lower Elementary North students were excited to meet their new first year friends and get back to work! The class learned a lot about each other through different community games, sharing and projects.

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