Lower Elementary East

Lower Elementary East - November 9, 2018

The Solar System

Lower Elementary East friends were introduced to the Solar System unit this week. They started by exploring the order of the planets and were truly surprised by some of the facts they discovered about each planet!


Two Lower Elementary East students shared a presentation about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, as they celebrated the Indian holiday on Wednesday. Their classmates learned about the traditions of the holiday and had the opportunity to make their own diyas, special lamps used to celebrate Diwali.


Grammar Lessons

Third year Lower Elementary East students explored conjunctions during their Grammar lesson this week.


Lower Elementary East - November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween!

The Lower Elementary East class celebrated Halloween with some special activities. After reading Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson, they watched the film version of the story. Then they estimated the number of seeds in their class pumpkin before working together to count all of them. Finally, they turned their pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern and lit it while they told spooky stories! The students even made their own tiny jack-o-lanterns using clementines.

Lower Elementary East - October 25, 2018

Reading Buddies

This year’s first Reading Buddies visit was a success for the Lower Elementary East students and their young schoolmates!

The Mystery of the Pumpkin

The Lower Elementary East students started the week with a surprising discovery! They walked in Monday morning to find their pumpkin in a mysterious scene. The students did a creative writing exercise and included their predictions about what they might find next!

Reflecting on Service

The Lower Elementary East class reflected on their community service trip to plant bulbs in Liberty State Park. They updated, signed and posted their class’ Acts of Service chart where they will keep track of their volunteer hours this year as part of WFM’s 15 Years/15 Hours project.


The first year Lower Elementary East students continued their study of nouns, further classifying them as people, places or things.

Junior Great Books

This week, the second year Lower Elementary East students started Junior Great Books. They will be reading a story each week, discussing story elements and themes and putting themselves in the characters’ shoes to draw conclusions, make comparisons and make predictions.

15 Years, 15 Hours: Liberty State Park Beautification Project

15y15h project 1.jpg

On Friday, the Lower Elementary students took a ferry ride to Liberty State Park. The students and teachers got their hands dirty pulling weeds, clearing planters, spreading peat moss and planting bulbs to help restore and beautify the park. This field trip was part of the 15 Years, 15 Hours service program designed to commemorate our 15th anniversary.

Lower Elementary East - October 19, 2018

Dissecting Lima Beans

Before they dissected lima beans to explore the parts of a seed, the first and second year Lower Elementary East students shared their ideas and predictions of what they would discover. After they dissected the beans they planted their own lima bean plants. They are eager to see what happens!

Underground Stems

As part of their lesson about underground stems, the third year Lower Elementary East students dug up the potato plants they planted last year. They were quite surprised to see what was hiding below the soil!

Assisting Peers

In a wonderful example of the beauty of the multi-age classroom, a second year Lower Elementary East student assisted a first year student with reading work.

Grammar Lessons

The first year Lower Elementary East students were introduced to the grammar curriculum with a lesson about nouns.

Montessori Math

When the Lower Elementary East students use Montessori Math materials, we are reminded of the beauty of how Montessori teaches Math, even for the younger years, emphasizing patterns, spatial relationships, logical and critical thinking rather than memorization.

Outdoor Recess

After much rain last week, the Lower Elementary East students enjoyed some well deserved outside recess time!

Reading Buddies

The students are always happy to welcome friends from the Lower School for reading buddies!

Lower Elementary East - October 12, 2018


Third year Lower Elementary East students presented their research projects about the Cnidaria of their choice after having a lesson about these fascinating invertebrates. (Cnidaria include many types of jellyfish and parasites.)


The first year Lower Elementary East students continued their Geometry study through the investigation of polygons. They noticed patterns, compared the shapes and discovered the etymology of the names, as well.

Guess How Much?

Second year Lower Elementary East students reviewed a money lesson and learned a trick for remembering quarter values up to a dollar. They also played the “Guess How Much” game.

Growing More and More

Each day the Botanists of the Lower Elementary East class take a closer look at their basil plant and notice some exciting changes!

Lower Elementary East - October 4, 2017

Botany Studies

To continue their Botany studies, the Lower Elementary East students planted basil seeds inside and outside. They will observe the areas over the next few weeks to see if they notice any changes.

Montessori’s Fifth Great Lesson:
The Story of Number

This week Lower Elementary East celebrated Math with the reveal of Montessori’s Fifth Great Lesson: The Story of Numbers. They investigated patterns and took a closer look at how numbers may have come to be thousands of years ago. They took a moment to be grateful for all of the humans around the world of the past who contributed to the number system we use today!

Pattern Studies

To continue their pattern studies, the Lower Elementary East students used pattern blocks and then bridged the concept to number patterns.

Peace Jar

This week the Lower Elementary East class introduced their Peace Jar. At the end of each day, their community votes on their opinion of how peaceful the community was throughout the day. If they have enough votes, they add a marble to their peace jar!

Peach Crisp

The Lower Elementary East students prepared and enjoyed peach crisp made with peaches they picked on their recent field trip to Alstede Farms. Be sure to check your child's Friday Folder for the recipe if you would like to try it at home!


Lower Elementary East - September 28, 2018

Alstede Farms

Everyone enjoyed the first field trip of the year. The Lower Elementary East students traveled to Alstede Farms to learn the about farm life and the life cycles of an array of fruits and vegetables. Each student picked their own peaches. Stay tuned to see how they enjoy their bounty!

Animal Research

A third year Lower Elementary East student diligently worked on his cnidarian research about the Portuguese Man of War. After reading about this animal, he composed a rough draft of his work and is now completing his final version.

Me Bag Presentations

All throughout the week, the Lower Elementary East students shared their Me Bags. Their presentations offered wonderful opportunities to learn more about individual students and their interests, make connections with one other and build their classroom community.


Lower Elementary East - September 21, 2018

International Peace Day

Happy International Peace Day! The Lower Elementary East students celebrated in a variety of ways, by reading books about peace, participating in a peace wave and creating their own artistic depiction of what peace personally means to them.

The Lower Elementary East class honored International Peace Day through this creative art piece.


Happy Constitution Day!

To celebrate, students in Lower Elementary East read about the U.S. Constitution and then created their own constitution for their class. They brainstormed laws, added amendments and signed their copies.

Ms. Alex’s Me Bag

The Lower Elementary East students thanked Ms. Alex, Lower Elementary West teacher, for presenting her "Me Bag" to their class. The students enjoyed meeting her and learning more information about her hobbies and interests.


Lower Elementary East - September 14, 2018

Meeting New Friends

The Lower Elementary East students got to know friends and exchanged summer stories over their snack.


Scavenger Hunt

To kick off the year, the Lower Elementary East students worked together on a classroom scavenger hunt.


“Me Bags”

On Monday morning, Ms. Sara and Ms. Caitlin presented their "Me Bags" to their students. Each year, the teachers and children take turns sharing objects with one another that represent their interests and hobbies. This activity allows everyone to get to know one another on a more personal level!

Happy Rosh Hashanah

L'Shanah Tovah! The Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a presentation about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. They learned about the origins of the holiday and the traditions and popular customs associated with it.


Pass The Bull

To build community at the beginning of the year, the Lower Elementary East students participated in "Pass the Ball" at the end of the day. The activity required the students to first throw the ball to one another. Upon catching it, the student was asked to answer a question written on the ball. Everyone had fun and learned more about their classmates!

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