Lower Elementary East

Lower Elementary East - September 21, 2018

International Peace Day

Happy International Peace Day! The Lower Elementary East students celebrated in a variety of ways, by reading books about peace, participating in a peace wave and creating their own artistic depiction of what peace personally means to them.

The Lower Elementary East class honored International Peace Day through this creative art piece.


Happy Constitution Day!

To celebrate, students in Lower Elementary East read about the U.S. Constitution and then created their own constitution for their class. They brainstormed laws, added amendments and signed their copies.

Ms. Alex’s Me Bag

The Lower Elementary East students thanked Ms. Alex, Lower Elementary West teacher, for presenting her "Me Bag" to their class. The students enjoyed meeting her and learning more information about her hobbies and interests.


Lower Elementary East - September 14, 2018

Meeting New Friends

The Lower Elementary East students got to know friends and exchanged summer stories over their snack.


Scavenger Hunt

To kick off the year, the Lower Elementary East students worked together on a classroom scavenger hunt.


“Me Bags”

On Monday morning, Ms. Sara and Ms. Caitlin presented their "Me Bags" to their students. Each year, the teachers and children take turns sharing objects with one another that represent their interests and hobbies. This activity allows everyone to get to know one another on a more personal level!

Happy Rosh Hashanah

L'Shanah Tovah! The Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a presentation about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. They learned about the origins of the holiday and the traditions and popular customs associated with it.


Pass The Bull

To build community at the beginning of the year, the Lower Elementary East students participated in "Pass the Ball" at the end of the day. The activity required the students to first throw the ball to one another. Upon catching it, the student was asked to answer a question written on the ball. Everyone had fun and learned more about their classmates!

Lower Elementary East - June 12, 2018

The Timeline of Life

For the past couple of weeks, each Lower Elementary East student diligently worked on composing their research.  On the last day of school, they presented "The Timeline of Life" to one another. 

Talent Show

Several Lower Elementary East students enjoyed participating in the Talent Show!

End of Year Feast

All of the Lower Elementary East students had fun during the picnic!  After celebrating together with a feast, the students enjoyed recess in the beautiful weather.

Lower Elementary East - June 8, 2018

A Trip to Atlanta 

Last week, a third year Lower Elementary East student traveled to Atlanta. On her return home, she had a variety of objects that represented her trip and newfound knowledge that she wanted to share with her classmates, so she and her brother shared a presentation about the trip with her class.


Early Birthday Wishes

Early birthday wishes were in order for a third year Lower Elementary East student. Her birthday is in August when school is closed, so she decided to celebrate a little sooner! She brought in photos of herself through the years, donated books to her classroom and shared information about herself that was prompted by inquiries from her friends.


Lower Elementary East - June 1, 2018

A Montessori Birthday

The Lower Elementary East class celebrated the eighth birthday of a second year student by serenading him with the "Happy Birthday" song in a variety of languages and looking at photographs of the student from all the years of his life.  The student and his family donated his favorite books to the class.



The Lower Elementary East students had a wonderful time hearing the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at NJPAC.  During the field trip, the students were able to apply things they learned in their music classes to help them enjoy the live orchestra.


The Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a lesson about insects and learned about the parts of the body, the lifecycle of a butterfly, their adaptations, diet and habitats.

Lower Elementary East - May 25, 2018

Releasing Ladybugs

After weeks of observing their ladybugs, the Lower Elementary East students saw that the insects finally completed their lifecycle!  On Monday during recess, the students released their friends into nature.

Making Money Bread

On Friday, the Lower Elementary East students prepared and ate delicious "Monkey Bread" as an afternoon treat!  They even shared their treat with the staff.


As part of their geography curriculum, the Lower Elementary East students were presented with a lesson about Australia and then conducted independent research to learn more about the continent.



Second and third year Lower Elementary East students enjoyed completing their hands-on follow up works for the topic of Measurement.

Talking points about Lower Elementary East work

  • Idiom of the week: That knocked my socks off.
  • Language: Verb
  • Math: Bank Game; inch and foot
  • Botany: Longitudinal section of root
  • Zoology: Insects; Porifera
  • Geography: Climate Zones
  • History: Fundamental Needs of Humans; Timeline of Life

Lower Elementary East - May 18, 2018

Tenafly Nature Center

On Monday, the Lower Elementary students enjoyed a fun field trip to the Tenafly Nature Center.  During their visit, the students participated in two workshops.  They learned about nature, identified different types of trees and animals and observed the local environment.

Open Friday

The Lower Elementary East students are thankful to the parents who came for their last "Open Friday" of the school year.  This special time allows students and parents to bond and share what the students are studying in school.

A Clean Classroom

The Lower Elementary East students take pride in caring for their classroom!  A few times a year, each student is given a specific task to ensure that their environment is organized, clean and proper.

Lower Elementary East - May 11, 2018

Pizza Friday & Reading Buddies

Last Friday, the Lower Elementary East students were excited to have the Kindergarteners join them for Pizza Friday and Reading Buddies!

Clock of Eras

The Lower Elementary East students created their own Clock of Eras.  This impressionistic lesson illustrates the evolution of time and serves as a graphic aid to provide a more concrete picture in their minds.

Praying Mantis

All of the Lower Elementary East students are patiently awaiting the arrival of both their ladybugs and Praying Mantis.  Each morning, they journal and observe how the animals are evolving over time.

Lower Elementary East - May 4, 2018


The first year Lower Elementary East students recently had a lesson about reptiles.  They learned the names and functions of each part of a turtle as well as how to identify each part.

Snake Game

A first year student worked with the Snake Game material, which helps a child to move his or her knowledge of addition facts to another level of abstraction.

Lower Elementary East - April 27, 2018

National Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month, the Lower Elementary East students presented poems to one another individually, in pairs and in small groups.


First year Lower Elementary East students continued their Geometry studies with a lesson about quadrilaterals.  Some first year students working on lessons and completed follow-up assignments.

Getting to the Root of Things

The third year Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a lesson about cross sections of roots.  As a follow-up, the students used a microscope to observe details about various kinds of roots.


Talking points about Lower Elementary East

  • Math: Quadrilaterals; adding fractions; nickel; temperature
  • Botany/Zoology: Cross section of root; Nematodes
  • History/Geography: Age of the Earth; Black Line; rotation of the Earth – day and night
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