Lower Elementary East

Lower Elementary East - June 7, 2019

Pour Painting

The third year Lower Elementary East students truly formed a tight-knit family this year. To commemorate their bond, they did a special paint-pouring project together and will each take home a colorful canvas with special meaning. To create the painting, each third year student chose a color to represent themselves and added it to each friend’s cup before the paint was poured. When they look at their canvases, they will remember each other and their wonderful memories.

Lower Elementary East - May 31, 2019

The Mountain That Loved a Bird

Inspired by their field trip to hear the New Jersey Symphony at NJPAC, the Lower Elementary East students created art pieces based on Eric Carle’s The Mountain That Loved a Bird, which was read to them and performed by the orchestra during the concert.

Reading Buddies

Lower Elementary Easy enjoyed their last reading buddies of the school year!

Lower Elementary East - May 24, 2019

Sentence Analysis

As part of their Language curriculum, the first year Lower Elementary East students worked on sentence analysis and learned how to distinguish the subject and predicate of a sentence.

The Continent of Africa

The Lower Elementary East students studied the continent of Africa and then designed their own decorative political maps.


Illustrating African Folktales

After reading an African folktale, Lower Elementary East friends worked collaboratively to illustrate each part of the story. They put all of their illustrations together in the sequence of the story and then read it together.

The Life Cycle of a Caterpillar

The Lower Elementary East students watched their caterpillars closely to see how they move through their life cycle.


Lower Elementary East - May 17, 2019

Multiplication Bead Board

A small group lesson about the Multiplication Bead Board to reinforced multiplication facts for the Lower Elementary East students.

A Presentation on India

The Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a lovely presentation about India by a first year classmate and her mom. We love celebrating our school’s diverse culture!

Lower Elementary East - May 10, 2019

Safari Ride

The Lower Elementary East students dove into Africa studies with a virtual “safari ride” through Kruger National Park. They saw the “big five” animals (lion, leopard, African elephant, cape buffalo and rhinoceros) and even got to touch some different artifacts that were found in the bush! Now they are delving deeper into different reading materials, maps and art activities all about this wonderful continent.

Classifying Triangles

The second year Lower Elementary East students continued their Geometry studies by discovering that they could classify triangles by their side lengths.

A Lesson on Lines

The third year students continued their Geometry studies with a lesson on different typed of lines.

Lower Elementary East - May 3, 2019


On Monday morning, the Lower Elementary East students were quite surprised to walk into their classroom and find newly hatched chicks!

New Classmates

The Lower Elementary East students observed their new classmates - newly hatched chicks from Quiver Farms!

Rounding Numbers

Second and third year Lower Elementary East students enjoyed a lesson about rounding numbers.

Lower Elementary East- April 26, 2019

Earth Day

To continue their Earth Day celebration, the Lower Elementary East class had a lesson about layers of the Earth. They represented each layer by creating a circular formation on the classroom rug.

Earth Day Meditation

The Lower Elementary East students connected to the Earth and felt grateful for all of its gifts through an Earth day meditation.

Earth is in Our Hands

To celebrate Earth Day on Monday, Lower Elementary East friends created an art project to signify that the “Earth is in our hands.” They used newspaper to help them write reminders of how to treat the Earth with kindness and respect.

Guess Who

With all of their baby pictures, the Lower Elementary East students played a class ‘Guess Who’ game. Thanks to LEE parents for sending in baby pictures!!

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