Primary Class Activities - November 9, 2018

Jazz Foundation of America

On Thursday morning, Kindergarten students enjoyed a jazz concert sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America. Guest artists included Waterfront Montessori’s Music Teacher Greg Murphy on piano, Billy Johnson on double bass and his brother Mark Johnson on percussion.

Non-Napper Activities

The Non-Napping Primary students were excited to learn about North America, the continent in which we live. They learned it is the only continent in the world that has all climatic types. It has savannah and tropical rainforest in Central America, tundra in the northern parts of Canada and Alaska, and permanent ice cap in Greenland, which is considered part of the continent. There are also semi-arid and desert conditions near areas surrounded by high mountains.

The Primary 1 students learned about different animals that live on the North American continent, including the Bald Eagle. They had fun creating their own Bald Eagle puppets

Kindergarten - November 9, 2018


The Kindergarteners learned about Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and studied his piece, Rondo alla Turca.

Sequencing Activities

In this week’s coding class, Kindergarteners worked in teams of two collaborated on the sequencing of activities. They sequenced a variety of actions including brushing teeth, getting ready for school and getting ready for work.

STEM Update

In this week’s STEM class, the Kindergarten students continued their study of the human respiratory system in preparation for the upcoming STEM Fair.

Kindergarten - November 2, 2018


During Spanish class, the Kindergarten students learned vocabulary and songs related to fall. They also learned and put on a play called “Calebacita” or The Little Pumpkin.

Empowering Writers Workshop

This week in their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners continued to focus on writing concepts such as First, Next, Last and Beginning, Middle, End. Some students cut and arranged sequence cards to retell a narrative story and others used “narrative diamonds” to capture the beginning, middle and end of a story.

Kindergarten - October 25, 2018

Music Appreciation

During Music Appreciation with Ms. Valeria the Kindergarten students learned about The Sorcerer's Apprentice by French composer Paul Dukas.

New Vocabulary

The Kindergarteners learned new vocabulary to incorporate into daily conversations and story telling. They reviewed expository and narrative writing as well as sequencing concepts such as first, next and last. They were also introduced to the structure of narrative story writing, learning to create a beginning, middle and end for their work.

STEM Update: Building Lungs

This week in STEM class, the Kindergarten students began their study of the human body with a lesson about the respiratory system. After learning about how the lungs work, they had fun building their own representations of lungs.

Coding Patterns

This week in coding class the Kindergarten students continued to work with patterns as a foundation for next week’s class about sequencing.

Kindergarten - October 19, 2018

Empowering Writers Workshop

As part of this week’s Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarten students began their journey toward narrative story writing by exploring the concept of first, next and last.  This concept relates to the basic “Beginning, Middle, End” sequence in a story. 


STEM Update: Building 3D Geometric Solids

Building on their previous experience with two-dimensional geometric shapes, in this week’s STEM class, the Kindergarten students were challenged to work in pairs to build three dimensional geometric solids using popsicle sticks, toothpicks and Model Magic.

Learning Patterns in Coding

This week in their Coding class the Kindergarten students worked on patterns. They created their own patterns and continued their work with others. This focus on patterns will help the students in later activities in which they use the function key to create a loop with a robot called Cubetto.

Kindergarten - October 12, 2018

Empowering Writers

In their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners continued their study of expository and narrative writing. This week they illustrated their own book covers for each genre.

STEM Update: Exploring Shapes

Continuing with their exploration of geometric shapes in their STEM class, the Kindergarten students revisited the names and properties of the shapes before moving on to building these shapes using various materials.

Kindergarten - October 4, 2017

STEM Update: Shapes and Structures

The Kindergarten STEM class this week was all about shapes. The students traced and cut out various geometric shapes and then cut slits into the shapes and connected them to build structures. Along with being a fun STEM activity, the work also reinforced the names and properties of the shapes.

Empowering Writers Workshop

This week in their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners continued to explore expository and narrative writing. They focused on important details that helped them to understand the difference between the two genres and worked on activities to further their comprehension of the writing styles. The students were also introduced to new vocabulary words to incorporate into daily conversations.

Coding Class

In this week’s coding class, the Kindergarteners continued working on activities that reinforced their lessons about the concepts of left and right and also encouraged them to follow a specific sequence of steps. Finally they broke into small groups to play a game that consists of command cards with specific things to do.


The Kindergarten students learned about Figaro from "The Barber of Seville" by the Italian composer Rossini.

Kindergarten - September 28, 2018

STEM Update: Building Baskets Continued

During their STEM task this week, the Kindergarten students continued to work on building baskets that can bear weight. Using a specific set of materials, they were challenged to build containers to hold as many coins as possible. The students paired with new partners and worked together to create and build a successful project.

Left & Right

The Kindergarten students continued their “left and right” lesson from Coding class last week, laying the groundwork to prepare for programming their robot to turn left and right.

Empowering Writers

This week the Kindergarten students began their Empowering Writers Class. They learned new words to enrich their vocabularies and wrote sentences incorporating those words. They also learned the difference between two types of writing genres, Expository and Narrative stories and worked on activities to further their understanding of both types of writing.

Kindergarten - September 21, 2018

STEM Update: Apple Baskets

For their first STEM class, the Kindergarten students built apple baskets. Using common household materials, the students were challenged to construct their baskets to meet three requirements: have capacity for at least three apples, have a handle and be sturdy enough to carry the apples across the classroom. The students enjoyed collaborating in small groups to accomplish their task.

Music Appreciation

During Music Appreciation class, the Kindergarteners learned about instruments such as trombones, flutes, violins and pianos. They listened to music by Rossini and were challenged to identify the instruments in the piece.

Left & Right with Cubetto

In their Coding class this week, the Kindergarten students were introduced to the concept of left and right and its importance in direction. They had the opportunity to see what they are working toward in Coding: A small robot called “Cubetto”. By the end of this year, their goal is to be able to use command keys to direct Cubetto to navigate a map.


Kindergarten - June 8, 2018

STEM Update: Gardening

This week in STEM class the Kindergarteners planted their carrot seeds along with kitchen scraps from last week.  Then they held a scavenger hunt and worked on garden riddles in the playground.

Putting it all Together

This week in their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners created their own stories by incorporating all of the elements of narrative writing they learned over the past year.

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