Kindergarten - May 17, 2019

Building a Zip Line

During their STEM challenge this week, the Kindergarteners and third year Lower Elementary North students worked together to build a modified gondola which could successfully glide on a zipline. They had to build their structures and find a way to secure someone inside. They also had to carefully consider the weight of materials they used to make sure that the structure was neither too heavy nor too light. Once everyone competed their projects, they went outside to test their gondolas on a zipline.

Year Book

The Kindergarteners were engaged finishing their End-of-Year book.

Kindergarten - May 10, 2019

STEM Class Update: Bird Feeders

The Kindergarteners had a two-part STEM class this week. First the students went outside to the playground to test the bird feeders they created a few weeks ago. They filled them with bird seed and hung them up. Now it’s time to wait and watch for the birds!

Building Sailboats

Next the Kindergarten students returned indoors to study the topic of wind. After discussing it, they paired up to make their own sailboats. They had to make sure that their boats were lightweight and waterproof and of course had a sail.

Class Made Year Book

The Kindergarteners worked on their own Yearbook. They were excited to recall their fond memories of the school year.

Kindergarten - May 3, 2019

Outdoor STEM

Outdoor STEM class is double fun! Continuing with the theme of birds, this week the Kindergarten students worked together with some third year Lower Elementary students to build nests. After looking at different types of nests, they headed outdoors to collect natural materials like twigs and leaves and remained outside for the length of the class, building and testing their nests.


The Kindergarteners recognized that descriptions in stories are specific rather than general. They practiced describing the main characters of the stories they read and recorded their descriptions.

Miniature Cities

As part of this week’s STEM class, the Kindergarteners transformed the Primary 3 classroom into miniature cities. The Kindergarten and Grade 3 students were split into four large groups to first plan and then layout their cities. They talked about what things are typically found in small cities, such as types of buildings, green spaces, waterfronts and more. Then using just tape and scissors, they created their city layouts!

Kindergarten - April 18, 2019

Empowering Writers Workshop

As part of their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners spent time thinking about how characters in a story use their five senses: They recognized what the characters saw, heard, felt, smelled and touched.

STEM Updates

In STEM class, the kindergarten students had fun designing and building bird feeders. All the designs had to incorporate a perch for the birds, a container to hold the bird seed, holes for the bird to access the seed and had to be mounted on a stand or able to be hung.

Kindergarten - April 12, 2019

STEM Update: Bird Baths

In STEM class this week, the Kindergarten students designed and built bird baths. After talking about the structural elements, they had a detailed discussion about which materials would work best. After completing their projects, they got to test them.

Cubetto in the Big City

This week in Coding the Kindergarteners were able to get Cubetto safely through the big city. Now they are planning to start Cubetto’s next adventure!

Empowering Writers Workshop

As part of their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners worked on recognizing what the character of a story can hear, see, feel, taste and touch. They listened to descriptive segments and identified details using their own five senses.

Kindergarten - April 5, 2019

STEM Update: Marble Runs

In STEM class this week, the Kindergarteners enjoyed building marble runs and marble mazes. They had to choose whether to make their mazes on a flat surface or to use the force of gravity to move the marble.

Coding Class

In this week’s coding class, the Kindergarteners picked up where they left off before break as they continued to help Cubetto find his way out of the big city.

Sensory Details

As part of their Empowering Writers workshop, the Kindergarteners recognized specific sensory details of story critical characters, settings and objects. They also used their senses to identify evidence of the four seasons.

Kindergarten - March 15, 2019

Exploring Nature

The Kindergarteners went for a nature walk to explore the outdoors using their senses. This prepared and inspired students for their creative writing class.

STEM Update: Towers

In STEM class this week, the Kindergarten students welcomed another group of third year Lower Elementary students. Together, they looked at various iconic towers from around the world, discussed some structural elements and then proceeded to build their own towers using pipe cleaners, toothpicks, model magic and tape. At the end of the class, they measured the heights of their towers and discussed some of the challenges they faced.


This week in Coding class the Kindergarteners were introduced to a new map for Cubetto. Now Cubetto is lost in the big city!

Kindergarten - March 8, 2019

Building Bridges

In their STEM class this week, the Kindergarten students welcomed surprise visitors - Ms. Susan and a group of third year Lower Elementary students! The Kindergarteners collaborated with the older students to build different types of bridges using just straws and tape. As part of the challenge, their bridges had to be strong enough to carry the weight of a cup of coins.

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